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Did You Know Your House Could Be The Cause Of Your Dermatitis?


How often have you been a victim of allergies, eczema, skin rash and other infections without been able to identify the cause. Often people think the contaminant or the disease causing organism is outside their house, when in reality there are several household skin irritants.

Often skin irritants lead to redness and rash associated with itchiness, pain, swelling, dry patches and even tenderness in the affected area. Due to itching and scratching of skin you could end up causing ulceration too.

Common household irritants

Let us look at some of the common household irritants

Hand sanitizers

The overzealous use of hand sanitizers is probably one of the biggest skin irritants in your home. It is essential to wash your hands and keep germs at bay but doing it ever so often can harm your skin which is very sensitive and can’t handle overdose of harsh chemicals. As a result, the hands dry up excessively and turn itchy and scaly. Reduce the use of sanitizers; use only when necessary.

Personal care products

Yes everybody wants to look good, smell good and maintain an overall hygiene. But sometimes our hair care products, cosmetics, fragrances and skin care lotions contain ingredients which are not suitable for your type of skin. As a result your skin will protest and break out in rashes, dry itchy skin which can be painful at times. Always choose products in accordance with your skin type to minimize skin reaction and irritation. And avoid using products instantly if you develop a rash.

OTC creams

They are supposed to safeguard but sometimes these antibiotics and antiseptic creams used to treat minor cuts and wounds are precursors for a skin rash. An already inflamed skin will protest the use of these chemicals and deteriorate further into dermatitis.


One of the most common ingredient in jewelry , this metal causes severe allergic reaction in many users with the appearance of red itchy rashes. Go for nickel free jewelry. Even if you are not a jewelry person you might find yourself breaking out in rashes, this is because nickel in present in zippers, belt buckles and buttons too.


It is common knowledge that Poison Ivy causes dermatitis and hence people handle them wearing gloves but there are other plants like Poison Oak and Poison Sumac which too cause severe and painful itchy rash. This rash typically lasts 5- 12 days and in some cases more.

Rubber products

The latex in rubber is known to irritate sensitive skin and cause rashes. And all households are replete with rubber products, be it your swimming goggles or the garden hose, you use these products on a fairly regular basis.


Certain materials especially wool causes atopic dermatitis which is characterized by itching and irritation and rash. Wear soft cottons if you suffer from dermatitis.

The other factors include heat, humidity, insect bites.

How to manage contact dermatitis?

The best way to heal damaged skin is to avoid the irritants. Sooth the irritated skin with ice or other anti itch creams . When dermatitis persists for more than two weeks see a physician immediately.



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