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Different Forms Of Acne

Acne is one of the most common problems that one sees with skin related problems. Acne is found in different types of cases. Acne can occur to anyone – right from an infant to an adult.

acne different forms

It Begins At Birth

Even a new born can have acne. It is called new born acne. Though the chances of a new born having acne is less, it can come just like in teenagers, in forms of red bumps, white heads and pimples. The reason for them to get acne is mainly due to birth stress. Sometimes it can be passed on from the mother to the child. Usually no specific treatment is necessary in this case as it resolves by itself in some time. It may be a good idea to keep the baby in soft fabric to avoid any unnecessary irritation.

Sometimes the acne may go on for a long time. In such cases, do not try out over the counter medications or treatment as the acne can get worse. Your baby’s skin is very sensitive at this point of time and these treatments can be harsh on the skin. So, the best would be if you visit your family pediatrician who can advise a cream or ointment to help.

Infantile Acne

The second type of acne is called infantile acne which is usually caused due to higher hormone levels in the baby. This can come to babies between the age group of 3 months to 1 1/2 years and is more common in baby boys than baby girls. This usually affects the cheeks, and sometimes forehead and chin as well.

It can look like red bumps, black heads or white heads. Usually the breakouts are mild. And it may go away within a few months. It does not usually leave any marks. So it is not advisable to get into any kind of treatment for these types of acne either. Infantile acne is not that common as new born acne. It has been observed that children having infantile acne have more tendencies to have acne related problems in their teens. So, keep a good watch on your child’s skin when they reach adolescence and visit a good dermatologist as soon as you notice acne breakouts.

Puberty And Adulthood

Acne vulgaris is very common in young men and adolescents involving blockage or inflammation of pilosebaceous units. It can come on face, neck or chest. The Treatment for this type of acne should be on the basis of the exact pathological factors like follicular hyper proliferation, excess sebum, P acnes, and inflammation. In terms of diet, it is advisable to have a low-glycemic diet and to avoid any form of “junk food”.

The procedures that can be adopted for such acne can be – Extraction of comedones or Intralesional steroid injections or peeling the upper layer of the skin using salicylic acid or glycolic. But you must consult a good dermatologist before going for any of these options.

When the acne spreads severely with signs of high fever, muscle & joint pain, it is referred to as acne fulminans. Severe acne, with multiple comedones, without any specific symptoms, is known as acne conglobata. This severe form of acne may leave deep scars.

It may be please noted that this information is not intended to replace any advice of a doctor.

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