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The baby has eczema on his face

Dealing With Your Child’s Eczema

Dealing With Your Child’s Eczema Care At School And Day Care Centre

If your child suffers from eczema, then it is important to maintain certain hygiene. Also, extra care has to be taken to prevent any flare-ups. While your child is at school or day care, it becomes extremely tough for you to control the environment. Also, you may not be immediately available for the child to treat any itchiness or flare-ups. For the child too it could be a daunting experience outdoors.

The baby has eczema on his face

Choose a school or day-care centre with competent staff

While you put your child at school, make sure it has experienced and caring staff. Always ask them about their routine in case any of their kids face injury or uneasiness. Check out the place for hygiene. Also, ask them about the frequency of cleaning the toys / materials in the day care centre. If the entire area is carpeted, then check regarding the vacuuming frequency.

Make sure there is minimal stuff that could possibly irritate your child’s skin. Do check if there is a competent paediatrician close by, in case of emergency. Also, check if the staff would undertake providing first aid for your kid if there is a possible flare-up.

Hand over a set hand cleansers and other medications to staff

Skin affected with eczema may need special attention. It may need specific hand sanitizers or hand wash products. The products which do not dry out the skin too much, that may aggravate eczema. Leave a set of cleaning and moisturizing supplies with the staff to treat dry skin incase of irritation.

Keeping the skin dry and moisturised is important. If there are activities that you want your child to avoid, then keep the staff informed about the same. If you are uncomfortable with your child taking field trips, then you will have to inform the staff beforehand. You can let the child take the day off, whereby he can stay in a secure environment.

Pack your child’s snack or lunch

There are a host of food allergies associated with Eczema. School’s food supply or cafeteria can aggravate the skin allergy. There could be certain foods that are to be avoided in this condition. Typically, peanut or other nut allergies are common among people suffering from Eczema.

It is better to pack your child’s lunch box. Else, request the school to provide food free of those ingredients that your child is allergic to. Child exposed to allergic food can sometime lead to a life threatening situation, in such scenarios keep Epi Pen at school handy.

The child should also be advised not to eat their friend’s snack which could potentially have harmful ingredients. Pack very exciting snacks in the lunch box, which is allergen-free for your child.

Communicate with the school

Communication is extremely important when it comes to dealing with a child who suffers from Eczema. The stakeholders at school should be in the know of what needs to be done in case of a flare-up. Inform the school or day care authorities during admission about your child’s situation. Talk to the teacher and support staff / nurse right at the beginning of the academic year. Hand in a list of food, things that your child is allergic to. Inform them about symptoms that they have to watch out for which could potentially lead to itchy flare-up.

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The baby has eczema on his face

Dealing With Your Child’s Eczema

Dealing With Your Child’s Eczema Care At School And Day Care ...


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