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Common mistakes that people make when treating acne

Acne problems are common and affects people of almost any age especially teenagers. When we analyse the causes, symptoms and treatments of this skin conditions, it helps to follow a few guidelines along the way in order to effectively treat acne. Some mistakes are so common that a simple awareness is enough to avoid all top acne treatment errors and get the best results from such remedial measures.

mistakes treating acne

Here’s a look at the common mistakes that people do when they undergo a treatment for acne.


  • Not being consistent with the treatment: Acne treatment can be effective only if you are consistent and regular with your treatment. This means using your medications regularly and without forgetfulness. Missing your medication may not give you the desired treatment results.


  • Overdoing or under using an acne medication prescribed by your doctor: The treatment prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist should be followed as instructed. Not following the treatment regime can delay the effectiveness of the treatment.


  • Quick fix solutions do not help: Always remember that acne can be treated with the best possible results only if you are consistent and show patience. Acne conditions do not disappear overnight or in a very short span of time. Only a regular use over a period of time can yield good results. So, quick fix solutions may actually delay your progress. Always heed the medication prescribed by your doctor.


  • Scrubbing and cleansing too often: It is good to clean your skin gently after excess perspiration. But, overdoing it and scrubbing your face will only increase your dryness and itchiness, thus, worsening acne.


  • Manipulating your acne: This is a huge mistake that people commit when they have acne. Keep your hands off your acne. Picking and prodding the pimples not only delays healing but, may also cause scars and blemishes on the skin. The bacteria on the surface of the skin may spread and cause an increase in the infection. This could inflame and flare up the swelling or red spots.


  • Not choosing appropriate products suitable for your skin: One of the big mistakes that people commit when treating acne is choosing products which can cause and trigger your condition. Also, it helps to use only those beauty products and make up which your dermatologist suggests to you.


  • Delaying treatment: A common mistake is not consulting a dermatologist to undergo an effective and proper treatment for acne. There is nothing wrong with following a few harmless home remedies or over the counter medication. But, remember a dermatologist can always suggest the most suitable type of medication for your skin.


  • Discontinuing treatment once acne clears up: This is a big no-no. The problem with most people is that they discontinue the treatment when acne begins to clear up. However, it is essential to know that treatment and medication for acne should be followed as per prescription. This will prevent recurrence and continue usage as per medical advice.

In order to keep the skin clear, healthy and blemish free, it is essential to avoid all the above mentioned mistakes.


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