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Ten tips for preventing acne

Prescription for a Acne free you If you feel mortified with your acne, then here are tips to help prevent acne. Just follow a simple routine of cleansing supported by healthy eating habits and exercise to thwart the skin rupturing into unsightly ...

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Teen Acne Solutions

Fighting Acne is like fighting a war for teenagers. At an age, when hormones play wilfully, acnes are painful physically and emotionally. So, if the first spurts of acne are spotted, the first and the best thing to do, is contact a dermatologist. ...

Young man with tear rolling down cheek, portrait, close-up

Tears – The Reason Behind Them

Ever wondered why some people cry very easily while some just can’t cry? An insight into the reason behind those tears- Are you one of those who tear up very easily? Do happy endings, weddings or just the sight of cute little puppies being cared ...


Different Forms Of Acne

Acne is one of the most common problems that one sees with skin related problems. Acne is found in different types of cases. Acne can occur to anyone – right from an infant to an adult. It Begins At Birth Even a new born can have acne. It is ...

The baby has eczema on his face

Dealing With Your Child’s Eczema

Dealing With Your Child’s Eczema Care At School And Day Care Centre If your child suffers from eczema, then it is important to maintain certain hygiene. Also, extra care has to be taken to prevent any flare-ups. While your child is at school or ...


Cystic Acne – How To Handle The Problem

Acne is a common skin condition that predominantly affects teenagers but can also affect people of all ages. It usually shows up on the face of the affected person although it can pop up over other parts of the body as well. Acne is generally ...

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Cutting the College Acne Blues

Bid goodbye to unsightly acne flare-ups Be it teenage or adulthood, acne is unsightly and often lowers the self esteem of the sufferer. Though makeup can cover it, we need to look at solutions that mitigate the problem and prevent flare ...