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Australian Tea Tree Oil Treats Many Skin Problems

Tea Tree Oil- The Best Alternative Remedy For Acne

The tea tree oil is extracted from the Australian paperbark tree. This has been used by many Australian aborigines as a traditional method of managing acne problems. Out of the 300 different varieties of tea trees, the medicinal oil can be extracted only from one particular variety of tea trees.

The tea tree oil has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that are help to boost the immune system. The medicinal oil, when used along with an exfoliate like glycolic acid, can help to kill bacteria that cause acne.


Benefits of tea tree oil

The therapeutic tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that has proven to show the same benefits as benzoyl peroxide but at a slower rate. People who have severe cases of acne will notice visible difference after using tea tree oil every day for 6 months.

By applying the medicinal oil, leaving it for 15 minutes and then applying glycolic acid will rid the skin of all dirt.

Apart from providing relief from acne, tea tree oil can be also used to heal mouth ulcers, boils, conjunctivitis, psoriasis, dandruff and wounds that have become septic.

It is also helpful for relieving pain caused due to burns and can also be used to remove lice and ticks from the hair.

Positive reviews of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is effective for treating a variety of skin related problems. People who have used tea tree oil on blisters, warts, acne and sunburn have reported to have experienced positive results.

According to research paper published in Australia’s medical journal, a solution that contains about 5% of tea tree oil is as effective as a solution of 5% benzoyl peroxide that is used for treating acne.

This goes on to demonstrate that there is some scientific evidence that shows that tea tree oil can be used for treating acne though it may require a longer time frame.

Therefore people who have acne prone skin should use tea tree oil as a preventive measure and apply it on a regular basis to prevent acne breakouts in the future.

What do the skeptics of tea tree have to say?

Using tea tree oil is not the universally accepted practice of treating acne. While doctors do confirm that it is safe to use, it should never be consumed internally.

Many certified dermatologists prefer the use of topical retinoids for treating acne patients. If there are no significant results after 3 months, they prescribe the oral version of Retin­A which is called Accutane.

Accutane has known to have a high success ratio. If the acne returns after the treatment, dermatologists suggest that patients seek the advice of an endocrinologist in order to rule out the possibility polycystic ovary syndrome.

Dermatologists though skeptical about the use of tea tree oil do state that it will be an interesting addition to the various methods used to treat acne.

By conducting extensive research on the benefits of tea tree oil, this natural medicine can be used to provide relief to many patients who suffer from acne.


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