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An overview of Acne treatment

Treating Acne Scars And Symptoms

Acne Vulagaris, known as acne are small spurts of growth that occur on the skin on face, neck and chest, caused by an imbalance in the production of androgens. They are either mild, moderate or severe. Depending on the intensity of the acne, medications are prescribed by the dermatologist as stand alone or, in combination.


Treating Mild Acne

Mild acne usually includes appearance of whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. Some of the common treatment options are,

  • Washing face with a gentle soap like Dove or Cetaphil and, warm water.
  • Application of Benzoyl Peroxide (Brevoxyl or Triaz)
  • Application of Salicylic acid (Propa pH or Stridex)

Treating Moderate Acne

Moderate acne appear as blisters exhibiting bacterial growth. Hence, dermatologists may prescribe stronger medications in combination with oral antibiotics. Earlier, when antibiotics were prescribed, they reached into the deep layers of the skin and, culled bacterial growth. However, on a prolonged dosage, the bacteria developed drug resistance thereby, leading to relapse in acne. Hence, the medications are either changed or, prescribed in combination with hormone therapies to combat acne. Some of the common treatment measures adopted for treatment of moderate acne are:

  1. Application of benzoyl peroxide with antibiotics.
  2. Application of azelaic acid.
  3. Application of salicylic acid.
  4. Application of antibiotic gels and lotions.
  5. Surgical draining of large pimples that are on the verge of becoming cysts.
  6. Intake of oral antibiotics

Oral antibiotics are prescribed in case the cysts leave behind deep coloured blemishes and scars.

Treating Severe Acne

In case of severe acne, birth control pills are prescribed for women suffering from acne. These pills have estrogen and progesterone in certain amounts that impact the abnormal secretion of androgens. However, if prescribed, the patient must take these pills on time, without deviating from the schedule.,

If the acne is very severe and, with an unrestrained bacterial infection, oral retinoids like Isotretinoin, are prescribed. Isotretinoin therapy impacts the secretion of sebum by shrinking the sebaceous glands. However, given its grave side effects and, being expensive, this is only recommended if birth control measures do not work.

It is to be noted that oral retinoids should not be taken by pregnant and nursing women, as the side effects can induce birth defects in the child.

Treating Acne Scars

Acne can leave behind nasty scars. Some of these may shrink by self and disappear in time. However, a few stay behind and lead to scarring. Some of the treatment procedures engaged in removal of acne scars are:

  • Dermabrasion
  • Laser Re-surfacing

During the course of acne treatment, it is important to remember that the treatment does not show instant results. When on medication, a 6 to 8 week period is the time window for the medication to take effect. During this period, the acne may get worse, before the treatment actually shows the desired effect.



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