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Alternate treatments for Acne


For some individuals, natural treatments such as mud packs and herbal facials may not yield results. Even creams and lotions prescribed by dermatologists may not be effective. For such individuals, alternate treatment methods are available.


There is no conclusive evidence that Acupuncture can actually help reduce an acne breakout. However, there are individuals who have found this technique less invasive and effective. This technique aims to attack the trigger directly. They inject needles in areas where acne – causing bacteria is most likely to breed.

If the acne breakout is genetic, this procedure may not be of much help. However, if it is caused due to hormonal imbalance, stress or mood swings, then it could help control the breakout effectively. If the acne breakout is very severe, it has to be assisted with allopathic medications to avoid spread of infection. Acupuncture treatments typically last over 8-10 weekly sittings, this is when one can start seeing an effect.

Herbal extracts

Herbal extracts are also used to treat acne. This may work for non-genetic based acne breakout effectively. The effect of herbal extracts typically shows only over long haul. Patience and perseverance is required when you opt for such procedures. Some of the popular extracts used here are –

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Green Tree Extract
  • Willow Bark Extract
  • Aloe Vera

Laser treatments

Laser treatments are gaining popularity amongst individuals. Photodyanmic therapy is a popular light and laser based therapy used to treat severe acne breakout. This treatment includes using different types of light – blue, red, intense pulsed, infrared or pulsed dye laser etc., These therapies can either be done on a standalone basis or can be assisted by medication.

Other cosmetic laser based treatments

There are other types of treatments, which are used for treating acne scars. Below are the options available in this regard –

Dermabrasion – This is a procedure by which superficial layer of skin is removed with a rapidly revolving abrasive tool. This is a technique commonly used in cosmetic surgery.

Microdermabrasion – This is a cosmetic procedure which will help remove all or part of stratum corneum. This process involves light abrasion. It is used primarily for reducing or removing acne scar. It is also used in other cosmetic procedures such as improving appearance of sun-damaged skin or treating hyperpigmentation.

Laser skin resurfacing – This laser treatment is used to improve the skin’s appearance or treat minor facial flaws. There are two types of laser resurfacing procedures – Ablative laser which removes thin layers of skin and nonablative laser which stimulates collagen growth, this inturn tightens the underlying skin. Nonablative laser is less invasive and the recovery time required is less. This is also considered more effective than the ablative laser technique.

Dermal fillers – These are injectable cosmetic fillers which intend to provide a smoother appearance. Most of these wrinkle fillers are temporary; the soft tissues injected are absorbed by body. This treatment has to be conducted at regular intervals to maintain the smoothness of the skin.



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