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Allergies and Asthma related to Eczema in kids

Are Allergies And Asthma Related To Eczema In Kids?

Allergies and Eczema go hand in hand. If your child has not suffered from allergies earlier, chances are that he would succumb to it sooner or later. Your child may also have bouts of hay fever or asthma.

Necessary steps are to be taken to soothe the itch and reduce the allergy risk.

Relationship between Eczema and Allergies

Experts suggest that Eczema is simply an allergic reaction. Sometimes your body tends to overreact to harmless substances such as dander or pollen. Doctors have identified that eczema is mostly a problem with skin’s outer layer. The outer layer is supposed to act as a barrier and keep the germs, allergens etc., away from the inside layers. However, the outler layer lets them in, which results in itchiness and flareups.

Food allergies, asthma, hayfever are the common allergic conditions associated with Eczema. There is enough data to support this claim.

  • 35% adults who suffer from respiratory allergies, asthma had suffered from eczema when they were kids
  • 80% of kids who have eczema have suffered from bouts of asthma, hayfever during their childhood
  • 37% of kids who have eczema also suffer from food allergies
  • Mother’s who suffer from allergies had 33.33% chances that their babies having eczema

Allergy icons set with dust bee flower contaminant symbols isolated vector illustration

Understanding your child’s situation regarding eczema and allergies will help nip the situation in the bud. You could potentially avoid an allergic march. This is where a child suffering from eczema could potentially have food allergies and bouts of hay fever, asthma attacks as they get older.

Not all children with Eczema get food allergies, bouts of asthma attack and hay fever. It is just that they will be at a higher risk. Following have been identified as triggers for allergy development and asthma attacks –

  • Eczema at a very young age could potentially lead to food allergies or asthma
  • Child with extreme eczema can develop a host of allergies in the future

How to avoid worsening of eczema, allergies and potential asthma attacks?

A paediatrician could be the guiding factor here. It is important that you start early, to prevent the very chances of your baby developing eczema and allergies.

  • As a mother if you have allergies, chances are greater that your baby will develop eczema or allergies – Breastfeeding can lower the risk drastically
  • For babies over 4 months, doctors suggest “hydrolysed” formula which will help formula – fed babies – until 4 months, babies should be given breast milk
  • Do not use scented soap and laundry detergents
  • Cigarette smoke could also cause asthma attacks and skin allergies
  • Coat a layer of moisturiser, never let your child’s skin grow dry
  • An allergy test can go a long way to avoid unpleasant situations. It will clearly point out the specific allergen that the child is intolerant to. You simply have to avoid it.
  • Trim the child’s finger nails, to avoid scratching which will only cause redness and bleeding

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